Calling on the Elements (2 hr)


$40 per client

The purpose of the Calling on the Elements workshop is to teach women of color how to utilize access to the ancestors and the elements to manifest our goals and dreams. The workshop will include various elements to facilitate the process of manifesting goals through the spirit realm. The workshop begins with a lesson on how to call on the elements by exploring what they are and what symbols we will use to identify and channel them. The workshop concludes with a group spell/ manifestation experience where each of the 5 elements are called on and the group can collectively harness the energy of each other to make their manifestation power greater.



Full Moon Glo Up (2 hrs)


$40 per client

 The Full Moon Glo Up   is   a   self   care   Workshop exploring how to harness the power and energy of the Full Moon to manifest goals and set intentions.   We   will   cast   spells   and   channel   intentions   through   the   ancient   practice   of sympathetic   magic,   or   candle   magic   the   art   of   fire   and   focus.   The   objective   is   to   participate   in   a grounding   ritual   to  allows all participants to go away with a new addition to their practice and a better understanding of the Full Moon. 


New Moon New Glo (2 hrs)


$40 per client

The New Moon New Glo is a self care workshop designed to utilize spell making as a tool to harness and heighten our internal power and best utilize the powers of the new moon. The objective is for each participants to began crafting their own symbolic language that they sue to craft spells and connect to their higher power. 


Zine Making 101 (2 hrs)

$50 per client

This workshop is an introduction to the process of zine making. It begins with a simple question, What is a zine? A brief documentary on the history of zine making will be presented and a single sheet method will be introduced to serve as a draft for personal zine.   The draft will be peer edited and prepped for a full form zine with multiple pages and a cover. ***All supplies provided. 




Natal Chart 1 (60 mins)

$50 per client

Natal Chart 1 is specific to personality placement and an individuals sun, moon and ASC or rising sign. In this session the client learns how the planets function as their own moving force as well as what astrological energy they have residing in those planets. All transits are explained as well as what the degrees signify. ***A personalized GypsyBuja Brews blend can be purchased to balance out energy. for an additional fee


Natal Chart 2 (90 mins)

$75 per client

Natal Chart 2 is a full chart breakdown including all planets and houses within an individuals chart. Their is an introduction to how each house and planet functions on their own as well as each transit and a breakdown on degrees.


The Houses (60 mins)

$50 per client

The Houses is a breakdown of what astrological energy and planets flow into each individsual house as well as a detailed explanation of the houses and how the function.


***A personalized GypsyBuja Brews blend can be purchased to balance out energy, for an additional fee


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