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Trae Harris is a multi-disciplinary nomad thats incorporates movement, writing, film and esoteric spirituality to reimagine and highlight the lives and experiences of queer Black Women in the Americas.

Trae starred in the Sundance feature Newlyweeds (2013), and Naomi Wallace’s And I and Silence (2014) at New York’s Signature Theater. She has also appeared in the Netflix dramatic series Orange is the New Black and shorts films Didn't I Ask For Tea?(2015), Ori Inu: In Search of Self (2015), Hair Wolf (2017), Bodymore (2018)
In additional to acting, Trae is a performance artist and poet. She received her B.A. from The New School in Performing Arts and during college she began her career as a performance artist. Trae's performance pieces are a culmination of her mediums she studied at the New School and seeks to challenge gender, race and class norms. Her first one woman performance piece Detachment (2015), which she produced and performed for an audience in Bushwick, NY, is the subject of latest short film with the same title. Trae’s commercial work includes advertisements for brands such as L'Enchantueur, Lulu Frost, Maybelline, Adidas and Calvin Klein.

Trae is passionately invested in art as a form of protest and praise and extends this passion as a facilitator for both youth and adults alike.